What are the differences between the replaceable water pressure reducer with cartridge and water pressure reducer model with piston?

  1. The biggest feature that distinguishes it from the water pressure regulators with piston model is that in case of malfunction, the malfunction can be easily eliminated without removing the product from the fitment.
  2. With the filter inside, filthy substances that may prevent the healthy operation of the product are prevented from entering the interior part of the product. The filter can be removed and cleaned at any time and periodic maintenance can be carried out.
  3. The sections through which water passes are made of materials that prevent oxidation and corrosion.
  4. Thanks to being designed specially, it has More Durable.
  5. It has a more tender adjusting mechanism.
  6. It works more stable at the adjusted pressure and fluctuations in outlet pressure do not occur.
  7. It provides low acoustic values during the passage of water.